Cinetrip VJ Tournament 2004, Budapest, Millenáris Park B. hall
19-20-21 March 2004

The award founder Cinetrip is setting up a VJ Championship in February 2004 in Budapest.
According to our purpose, this continuous, yearly assembly is going to be a challenge for contemporary visual performers. While planning this festival type of event, the fact that the contemporary visual culture is developing and growing in a rapid pace along with the number of youngsters who turn much interest toward electronic music, played a huge part. On the other hand the artist of contemporary visual-media have only a few opportunities to enroll a Hungarian or even an international contest.
We have founded the award with our persuasion that we will see the directors, cameramen and animation makers of the future among the contestants and audience of the festival.
According to the registrations we have received so far, there will be lots of contenders from abroad beside the Hungarian runners, which makes us really satisfied, because this way the Hungarian vj’s have the opportunity to match their knowledge in international reference. Furthermore we hope that many professional and friendly relationships will be bound during the festival

The contest:

During the championship we will give out four prizes in two categories.
In the “Conserve Category” those artist will present their works and are able to win the prize, who have previously prepared their work operating with the medley of moving pictures and music.
The “Live Category” favors for those vj’s, who prefer mixing and manipulating the motion pictures and the relevant music in front of the audience at the spot.

Deadline of application: 7th March 2004

The CVJ tournament is wants to grow to be a tradition in Hungary, through which this developing segment of the motion picture culture can become well known and respected.