1. Conserve category:

here individual competitors or teams are welcome to send their beforehand prepared, cut for music and not longer than 12 minutes works. These creations will go through a pre-selection process and will be shown in the festival program.
In this category there will be given two prizes:

The Best VJ Opus 2004 Award: after the pre-judging processes the jury decides about the best performance

The Best VJ Opus 2004 - Public Award: the best performance judged by the audience

2. Live category:

in this category we are expecting the registration of VJs individually or in groups of maximum three, who will perform their no longer than 12 minutes creation live in front of the festival jury. We give away two awards here:

VJ Sampion 2004: the best creation performed live in front of the festival jury, which should not be longer than 12 minutes

VJ Tussle champion 2004: the VJs perform their technical knowledge live in a 6 minutes duel in front of the festival audience and jury. The music and motion picture material will be selected by a draw and given to the contestants 10 minutes before the performance.

The championship awards will be released on 21 March 2004 in an awarding ceremony.