Cinetrip VJ Tournament 2006, Budapest, Merlin Theater
18-22 October 2006

The award founder Cinetrip is setting up again a VJ Championship in October 2006 in Budapest.

In the last two years the contemporary visual culture was developed and grew in a rapid pace along with the number of youngsters who have great interests, and skills towards electronic music. On the other hand artists of contemporary visual-media have only a few opportunities to take part in a Hungarian or even an international contest.
We are delighting that with Cinetrip VJ Tournament 2004, where 54 contestants entered from 9 countries, we could have speeded up developing the domestic visual culture. To enhance this process we extended our program with two off-competition sections: Demo scene and introducing of Russian flash artists.
During the championship the international jury will award three prizes in three categories, and the audience can also vote via sms or e-mail for creations to remunerate with the Public Award.

1. Conserve category:
Here we are waiting for individual competitors or teams to send their beforehand prepared, cut for music and no longer than 12 minutes works. These creations will go through a pre-selection process and will be projected in the festival program.
In this category there will be two prizes awarded:
The Best VJ Opus 2006 Award: after the pre-judging processes the jury decides about the best performance
The Best VJ Opus 2006 - Public Award: the best performance judged by the audience
2. Live category:
In this category we are expecting VJs individually or maximum three person groups, who will perform their no longer than 12 minutes creation, live in front of the festival jury. We award two prizes here:
VJ Sampion 2006: the best creation performed live in front of the festival jury, which should not take longer than 12 minutes
VJ Tussle champion 2006: the VJs perform their technical knowledge live in a 6 minutes duel in front of the festival audience and jury. The music and motion picture material will be selected by a draw and given to the contestants 20 minutes before the performance.