Besides Cinetrip VJ Battle 2006 we offer three workshops. Two of them are professional workshops – the Flash VJ and the Software and VJing-, but Deck VJ is proposed for beginners also.

2006. October 18-20. Wednesday and Thursday

10.00-13.00: Software and VJing by Edwin de Koning and Bart van der Ploeg
The programers of the resolume presents all advanced and hidden possibility of the popular vj application. All about midi, controll, sound-react, freeframes.

14-00-17.00: Flash VJ by Gianluca Del Gobbo, Meta2, Nikky and Cool79
Also known from emblematic social critics, the developers of the Italian Flxer Team are working only with flash-based materials. They created their own, freeware software ( for mixing flash-format animations.
They will present artifices of creating flash-based vj-loops, and solutions for automate animating (action script etc.)

18.00-22.00: Deck VJ by Vj Anyone
Vj Anyone, is one of the most experienced and fashionable vj. He will presents the method, from the making of orginal conten to the mixing technics.

Professional workshops means that participants should possess basic computer skills, because these workshops are not for software exhibitions.

During the three days of Battle more softwares, for example latest edition of Resolume and Flxer will be presented by creators.

For participating, own computer and video mixer is required. Other equipments are assured at venue. Workshop participating is free, but due to the short time and F.P.C.T. (Few People Creating Together) we can accept limited appearances. Participants will be registrated in order of appearance.

Dead-line of appearance: 13 October 2006 at